Overflight Fees

Fees in U.S.-Controlled Airspace

The FAA charges overflight fees to operators of aircraft that fly in U.S.-controlled airspace, but neither take off nor land in the United States. There are two types of fees:

Overflight Fee Rates
Effective Date En-Route* Oceanic*
October 1, 2012 $43.82 $18.60
October 1, 2013 $49.95 $20.09
October 1, 2014 $56.86 $21.63

*Rates expressed per 100 nautical miles (nm), Great Circle Distance (GCD) from point of entry into point of exit from U.S.-controlled airspace.

Overflight User Fee Payments

Airlines or operators can pay overflight user fee bills online using the Pay.Gov website.

This is a for illustrative purposes only map showing the world with Oceanic and Enroute controlled airspace highlighted.

For illustrative purposes only.